Chalksta.com is a web based pool league management system that brings the statistics to the players and allows League coordinators to focus on promoting, managing and growing their leagues. Players no longer have to wait to find out where their team is in the standings. Coordinators no longer need to spend hours entering scores. It's all instantaneous!    Feature list...

No More Data Entry

Chalksta is changing the game when it comes to league scoring and statistics. All your league data is stored in the cloud, so if you have an internet connection, you have access to your league data. Your players enter scores as they play so you can use your valuable time running your league.

Social integration + Instant Results 

Your players are hungry for results. They want to know where their team stands and they don't want to wait long. Our system streamlines the process of scoring and is able to present standings to players as quickly as they can enter their scores on league night. We also integrate with Facebook for security and sharing!

Modern and mobile

Chalksta was built with a mobile-first experience in mind. Create multiple leagues. Add subs on the fly. Calculate or change handicap. View head to head historical matchups from years past. Teams and players of the week for each division. The list goes on and on. Players and coordinators are able to do everything with ease.


We offer pricing for all league configurations. If you have a one division league, or if you run a league with multiple divisions, we have a pricing plan for you.

Basic League


  • $3.00/player
  • One division, one season
  • 8 week season maximum
  • No player or team limits
  • One tournament included

players League


  • $5.00/player
  • One division, one season
  • No season maximum
  • No player or team limits
  • One tournament included



  • starting at $1.00/player
  • Elimination, Round Robin and "Lives" Tournaments supported


Chalksta has full a suite of features that are available to league coordinators. Players also have a great experience though Facebook-integrations and other mobile friendly features.


Create divisions, teams, schedules
Fully automated leaderboards and standings
Highly efficient scoring - when captains enter scores online, scoring and standings are fully automated.
Fully mobile accessible and customizable
Set up co-admins (to help in bigger leagues)
Access to phone and online support


Access to personalized team and player stats pages
Access to season schedules
Captains can enter scores online during their matches
"Favorite" teams and players (adds a lot of additional functionality)
Facebook Share - when teams and players hit the top players/teams leaderboards
All features are built with mobile-first in mind


"As a league coordinator, Chalksta has freed up my time to do my league duties. My players love the fact that they don't have to wait for scores to be entered."

Curtis Houlden

League Coordinator, Tailgators

"I've been playing in leagues for over 20 years and this is by far the best method to record and review league stats. I love how easy it is to enter scores on my phone!"

Gary Burns


"Chalksta.com takes pool leagues into the year 2021.  I use my phone for everything and now I can use it on pool night to see who I’m playing, pull up the scoresheet and fill it out in a moment and be ready to play rather than using paper sheets.  Plus, the tool adds the score and tells me how many points we need to win a round!  It's great!."

Laurie Jardine